Checking in

Let’s be honest, in the beginning of the semester I thought the sole purpose of making a website was going to be to complete the assignments given. I didn’t think I would have to dress up my blog, I didn’t think I had to put my creative input into it and I didn’t think it would turn out like it has. Well it did!

After my website is running for a few months I feel really happy about my blog. I’m more engaged in it and I don’t see it the same way I did in the beginning as just assignments. I’m building upon my blog by posting and sharing more things. I’ve even reached out to companies and shared my website with them in hopes to see if I can share their products on my blog and collaborate. It’s really cool to also see who views, likes or comments on your posts. I don’t know if anyone else in my class feels the same way but.. who are the people looking at our blogs? Sometimes I see classmates liking and commenting but sometimes I see people I don’t know at all! It’s really awesome to see that already this blog is reaching different people then the ones in my class. I will for sure continue this blog even when the class ends. 

Below I provided my Site Stats, which we were also told to write about in our recent class discussion. I wanted to share them all because they are really interesting. I put all of them (months, weeks and days). Tell me about your site stats in the comments too so I know you are reading this!!

Happy birthday to Queen C

Facetune_19-04-2018-22-55-09Hey guys, instead of fashion this week I wanted to focus a bit on purses. Especially, Dior saddle bags. As far as the 2000’s Dior saddle bag’s have been around. It’s been seen along with celebrities like Paris Hilton and even a tv show character named Carrie Bradshaw (from Sex & the city). From my fashion background, I always try to go out of my way and recover or look into old iconic trends whether it be in fashion or accessories and I predicted this comeback.

In 2018, Dior’s runway was graced with a saddle bag with either a big D on the buckle to show for their brand or a CD on the strap. Although this was a different concept with the buckle compared to their 2000 iconic staple purse the comeback made everyone go crazy. My 22nd birthday is coming up on Sunday the 29th, so of course I had to get my hands on one! I bought a 2000’s version of the Dior purse (since I feel it’s more iconic than the recent one and I don’t like the buckle). It’s kinda navy but kind of brown at the same time color wise. I have a dinner reservation for my friends and I in New York City at a great restaurant called Vandal (to celebrate my birthday, since it’s after finals and graduations) so i’m excited. It’s the perfect little accessory and I adore it so I wanted to share since it relates to fashion!

                                                    (Google Search Images) 


Anything you can do, I could do better!

The title and gif is kidding, don’t worry. For this assignment we have to reflect on how our blog fits with all the other websites on the web. Although my blog is just starting up I think it’s really great. Even in the class I feel like I have the only fashion blog so mine really stands out. With the web though it’s harder because there is so many websites that have been around for a long time. Mine matches more with the blog websites instead of the websites I admire like

My website adds a different perspective in conversations than most because I am just starting out. I don’t really have connections to the fashion industry, I am fairly new. You are seeing all of these opinions, trends, fashion, cheap finds and just humor (like my title and gif) from someone who isn’t very influenced. Yes I am a bit of an influencer, but I am not influenced in my mind by other brands or people, I am honest. Once I engage more in this blog and put my mind to more posts, reaching out to others in the industry and getting my blog shared, I will be on the road to success. Like Blair Waldorf said, “one again the world has proven, anything you can do, I can do better.” I’m coming for you fashion websites and blogs!!

Powerpuff Yourself

wallpaper-powfactorFor this weeks assignment we had to create fan/cartoon art from either the powerpuffyourself website or the peanutizeme website. I chose of course, the powerpuffyourself website. First, I chose this website because I really leaned more towards my childhood and whichever show I would actually watch. Yeah, I watched Charlie Brown growing up but not like I watched power puff girls, that was my go to. For inspiration I chose to make a cartoon version of myself. I did similar fashion sense and I made my cartoon me to be holding a phone. Everything was very much straight forward.

What I liked about the powerpuffyourself maker that I don’t believe the peanutizeme one had was a little quiz once you were done. You were answer this certain questions and the maker would provide you with your number one quality based on your answers. I got fearless so they put on top of my image fearless along with a background of that had lightning bolts and tigers. They also wrote a little bit about you on the bottom of the image saying “You are fearless! You aren’t afraid of anything.” Along with this it also stated other reasons why I am fearless.

If you want to try it out click here!

Vintage Fashion


For this assignment, I thought finding a picture, song or movie related to our blog was a great way to explore creative commons. I decided to not just look up a picture of fashion, shoes or purses I actually wanted to focus on vintage fashion. Vintage fashion is making a rare comeback with statement pieces on runways. This is seen through companies that have been around for a long time. This companies include Dior, Chanel and Vivienne Westwood.

Creative Commons is basically a space where you are allowed to use specific images, songs or movies free as cause. You won’t have to worry about specific copyright laws or getting notifications for using these things. The social media reader explained in the REMIX chapter by saying “A culture where creativity is consumed, but the consumer is not a creator. A culture that is top down: a culture where the “vocal cords” of the millions of ordinary people have been lost.” (Lessig, 156) This basically means that there are laws that take over everyones voices. No one can put their input onto copyright laws as there is no point. This might influence the future work into my blog because if I don’t post my own pictures I will probably post more of creative common photos. The photos of vintage fashion I used now might influence my future work to not only look at the current fashion in the world but vintage fashion too that I feel is still a statement or might be coming back as a statement. (These images are from, the google search image part. These are also Vintage Dior)

It’s called Fashion, look it up.

Screen Shot 2018-04-11 at 11.19.11 PM

For our assignment this week we had to choose a meme from The meme I chose was called “It’s called Fashion,look it up.” The original one came from an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live were he did a show on fashion week at the time. He was talking to fashion experts on the street about outragous fashion trends and when he displayed a photoshopped picture the interviewie at the time Nicky Ottav by replying “It’s called ‘fashion. Look it up.”

Of course because this meme is so popular today there is many variations of this meme. Right after the Jimmy Kimmel Live segment in 2013 someone posted a picture of a fashion week show with an outfit that displayed a man in a suit with a bird cage on his head. Someone reposted this photo with the words “It’s called fashion Brenda, look it up.” The variation I chose of this meme could be found here. It has a dog that is wearing fashionable glasses and a tiny dog jacket. The meme says “It’s called fashion sweetie, look it up. I don’t do fashion, I am fashion.” I feel like this meme is beneficial to my blog because it basically states in short terms what it is about. I feel like it also relates to a lot of people because many have opinions about the wacky outfits that are always worn by people or displayed on runways and in the end it really is fashion. It’s funny in a way because even though you may think someone looks crazy because they have a bird cage on their head or something else it might be the motion and way fashion is going towards. Searching the history of certain fashion trends if necessary can be a great solution to understanding.

Light work in D.C

“Light work” is usually a slang people say when they aren’t trying their best or putting their best effort forward whether it be in a project or even an outfit. For me, it was in my outfit, but it’s whatever! I’m here to give you some real tea.

Before going away to Washington D.C for spring break I ended up going to Jersey Gardens Mall outlet to look for some items to bring, clothing wise. I really had nothing to wear. Coming from me, I never want to wear something I’ve worn out already unless I style it in a different way. But I had nothing to style it a different way at all. So I ended up going shopping with my friends for some outfits.

Here is the real tea! You don’t have to buy name brand things to be fashionable! Don’t you see influensters everyday rocking Fashionnova or websites that aren’t named brand (like Dior, Gucci, etc). Don’t go and spend your money on a wardrobe you have no money for. Yes I own things that are Dior but I don’t go out of my way to buy a collection of Dior things. When I went to Washington D.C I ended up buying things from FashionNova like sweatpants, hoodies and other lounge pants since it was a bit rainy. I also bought from a website called that has great clothes, accessories and shoes for a low price and other stores at Jersey Gardens outlet.

In Washington D.C with my friends we spent our time going to rooftop bars, monuments, museums and many other places. Although, I was “light work” in Washington D.C I had a great time with my friends. I missed it so much it was such a fun Spring Break! Remember: fashion isn’t the number of name brand items you have, but how you put clothes together and look/feel good while wearing it!